Healthy Indian Cooking – Top Tips

Having been inspired by top chef Mehernosh Mody recently, we had to share these great ideas in how eating Indian cuisine is super healthy when you make the right choices!

Here are some great tips to help you cook guilt-free Indian food more often. Enjoy!

Substitute Coconut Milk
Cook with skimmed milk, cashew nut paste or poppy seed paste instead of coconut milk or creams.

Go Tandoori!
Foods that are grilled, boiled, steamed or baked are obviously healthier than those fried. Tandoori is the number one choice for us as little or no oil is used, PLUS the intense heat seals the food fast keeping in all the key nutrients.

Conscious Swaps
Opt for wholemeal flour over plain flour and brown basmati instead of white rice. Sounds obvious but will help save those calories.

Bulk Up
Use lentils and beans to bulk out the dish whilst keeping the flavour - having less meat will help keep the dish lighter too.

Its all about the Base (no treble...)
Many recipes use coconut products such as creams and milks, but to reduce the fat content try using tomato bases instead. Failing that, low-fat yoghurt can be a great substitute.

We look forward to seeing the results, please post your photos onto our Facebook & Twitter pages to win prizes!

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